Why NOW and how to use the NOW most effectively?

What is going on with that NOW, TODAY, HERE and NOW?

Why every coach, philosopher, meditation master talks about being NOW - Past has gone - Tomorrow hasn't come yet - All we have is Today

+ some tips how to stay in the NOW


How to use it?

How to use Your high level of Energy to succeed in Your life?

What is the difference between acting from a place of I'm not good enough and everything is opportunity?

What does success mean to You?

What is Your energetic profile? 

How to measure Your level of energy?

HOW AND WHY MEDITATE? Meditation For Beginners

How to take this first step ... into the inner peace, inner stability, your level of power, your true nature, your inner wisdom ... because meditation leads to all of that.

How does meditation work?

What does training Your mind mean?

.... and some more....


Are You still looking for a partner that will make You happy?

Are You still looking for a perfect job that will give You freedom?

Are You still looking for THAT place in the world that will allow Your succes to happen?

If yes... that video might be the right one to watch now

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